Physio Omega Review – Can This Supplement Really Prevent Cardiac Arrest?

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With increasing life stresses and unhealthy diets that are loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol, we are stepping towards an era of unhealthy body functions that impact our cardiac system greatly. This is why heart problems are becoming so common. Studies have shown that the individuals living in United States are at a very high risk when it comes to contracting heart diseases.

Fortunately, PhysioTru, one of the most eminent companies present in the US pharmaceutical industry, has introduced a formulation that is being touted as the heart attack fighter. Physio Omega is your ultimate defense against all cardiac conditions that put you at the risk of a heart attack.

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What Is Physio Omega?

There is a list of supplements you can take and another list of exercises you can do to reduce your risk of suffering from a heart attack. But unfortunately, in most cases these efforts are fruitless as either they are not done correctly as per directions or they were never effective to begin with in the first place. For you to experience real results, you should include Physiotru Physio Omega in your diet.

It is an exclusive all natural supplement that contains a special complex based on Omega 3. It guarantees to fight against various heart ailments and protects you against their onset as well. With this supplement, you can stay away from spending thousands of dollars at the doctors or consuming expensive pills that only stop your heart condition from worsening rather than improving it or stopping future attacks. The best part about this supplement is its all natural composition. All the ingredients used in its production are 100% organic and are naturally sourced. It is free of side effects and does not interfere with any other over the counter product you might be consuming.

Brains Behind The Heart Attack Fighter

Being known as the Heart Attacker Fighter in the industry, this product is literally a life as well as money saver for those who are suffering silently or unknowingly from the danger of heart diseases. The developer of this product, Dr. Sam Walters, thought on the exact same lines. He envisioned to bring a safe and an easily approachable supplement on the market to counter poor heart conditions. His broad knowledge about heart diseases, human anatomy, and years of experience in the medical field have enabled him to come up with such a breakthrough product after years of methodical and lab based research.

With this supplement, hundreds of individuals and not just Dr.Sam’s patients have been able to revive their lifestyles and experience higher energy levels to do more with life. His main aim with this product was to bring back the vitality into the lives of heart patients, which no doubt he has been able to deliver.

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How Does It Work?

When investing in a product that directly impacts your health one should do detailed study and learn about the working mechanism of the product as well as the ingredients that are used in in its formulation, after all it is its constituent molecules that make it efficient and potent. For this particular reason, Physio Omega relies on two of nature’s most known cardiac health enhancers that are Omega-3 and CoQ10.

  • Omega-3

It is chemically a fatty acid that occurs naturally in fish and other forms of seafood i-e prawns and shell fish. This fatty acid is very beneficial for human health. Not only does it promote a healthy heart but also works to improve skin and nail health as well as promote healthy and shiny hair. Due to these amazing qualities of this molecule, the manufacturers have added a perfect concentration of this miracle molecule in Physio Omega, to give you overall health benefits and a healthy heart.

  • CoQ10

Co-enzyme Q10 is has been researched over thousands of studies and has been proven as one of the most potent molecule known to human kind. This enzyme has a similar function to that of an all potent vitamin. It is naturally found in all the cells of the human body. It ensures that all the cells are working to their optimum capacity and functionality. As we age, levels of essential elements and vitamins start decreasing in our bodies.  Same is the case with CoQ10. As we grow old, its concentration levels start to fall. This supplement restores them back to their highest potency and alongside fights with anti-oxidants and protects our organs against free radical damage.

Benefits Of Using Physio Omega

Addition of this supplement in your daily dietary routine, will not along give you a healthy heart and renewed energy but will also contribute to your overall health and well-being.

  1. It rejuvenates the heart functions and lowers the risk of heart attack by keeping your cholesterol and blood lipid levels in check.
  2. It provides all the essential minerals required for optimum organ functioning.
  3. It increases energy levels and boosts your stamina.
  4. It improves cognitive functioning as well.
  5. You will be able to see an improvement in your hair, nails and skin as well.

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Pricing and Availability

Physio Omega is currently only available on its official website.  One bottle which is one month’s supply is priced at $67. But if you opt for a three month bundle pack, the price of each bottle comes down to $39, whereas for a six month supply the price per bottle is further decreased to $33 each. Shipping is free on all orders across United States. The company is also offering a 60-day money back guarantee for this product.


Heart is one of the most important organs of the human body. We need to protect it and take care of it to the utmost extent to live a stress free, healthy and long life. Instead of investing in supplements that provide little to no outcomes when should choose trusted names. With Physio Omega, the results are guaranteed and if you are still not satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund within 60 days. So order your bottle now and take your first step towards a healthier heart.


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