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Diabetes. The word itself is scary on its own. A disorder of the pancreas that causes uncontrolled blood sugar levels, diabetes affects thousands of individuals around the globe. The physical changes and the emotional stress of this disease takes a toll on not only the patient but on their family as well. One not only has to give up certain eating habits but also have to make drastic lifestyle changes.

Even after accompanied with high doses of pills and insulin, diabetes keeps on messing with your life and making you feel like an outcast. But with the advances in medical science and the society turning towards organic and natural solutions for health problems, we bring you GlucoDefend; an all-natural and 100% safe dietary supplement to help solve all your diabetic worries and concerns.

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It is a USA manufactured dietary supplement developed by Integrated Health, one of the most foremost and recognized companies of the pharmaceutical circle, to treat and prevent symptoms and consequences of diabetes. It helps and aids in regularizing blood sugar levels of patients of all ages.

It contains a miraculous and patented combination of nineteen all natural herbs and minerals that are proven time and time again, in hundreds and thousands of studies to be effective and potent against imbalanced blood glucose levels.

How Does It Work?

GlucoDefend uses a very methodical and scientific approach when it comes to treating one’s diabetes. It does not promise overnight miracles, rather guarantees a steady improvement with lasting results. Unlike other supplement available on the market, it does not promote fad diets or complete abandoning of glucose in your dietary intake. Its tri-phase formula ensures that each and every change and improvement is brought about keeping the body chemistry in focus.

  1. Initiation

In this first phase, the capsules once consumed, enter into the body to be digested and assimilated. The propriety blend of ingredients then enter your digestive tract and become a part of the digestive mechanism. This blend gets prepared to break into fine molecules to start entering the blood stream.

  1. Absorption

After being processed by the digestive system, the blend divides into individual ingredients and gets ready to cross over into the blood stream via the stomach lining and directly into the capillaries. These molecules, right after becoming a part of the blood flow, start to move towards the site of activity. These particles are directly attracted to areas with high concentration of glucose. They travel to those particular areas and start binding themselves with the sugar molecules.

  1. Transfer

As soon as the ingredients are bonded with excess glucose, they are attracted towards the body cells. These bonded structures, then move into the cells and start the process of deposition. They start to release the excess sugar into the cells hence regularizing blood sugar levels and ensuring that no high amounts of sugar are present in the blood stream.

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What Will It Do For You?

GlucoDefend, comes with an array of benefits for its consumers. Not just ensuring that our blood sugar levels are in equilibrium, this product also promotes general well-being. It aids in keeping us more attentive and active. This enables us to enjoy our life to the fullest and be more of an active member in our social circles.

  • Insulin Production

Not only does it help in ensuring healthy and safe blood glucose levels, it also helps in normalizing insulin levels. In the longer run, it helps in repairing the damage done to the pancreas so that the production of insulin can be regularized.

  • Lipid Profile

The natural minerals found in this formulation, also help in controlling and managing fat levels in our blood. This supplement has been scientifically proven to support a healthy lipid profile and keep our cholesterol, HDL and LDL levels in check. This protects us from dozens of other serious diseases including high blood pressure, cardiac enlargement, and blocked arteries.

  • Insulin Efficacy

Another great benefit of this supplement is that it increases the potency of the insulin already being produced in the system. Due to genetic disorders, insulin being produced in the human body loses its potency and doesn’t seem to work. This products repairs the damage that causes this issue and the insulin being produced starts doing its job with greater efficiency.

  • Improvement of Blood Flow

As the blood glucose levels are maintained, the blood becomes much more fluid and thinner which makes it easier for it to flow within the blood vessels and reach each and every cell of our body. This improves delivery of nutrients, oxygen and body heat. One does not feel extremely cold and due to efficient delivery of oxygenated blood, one feels more alert and active.

  • Defending the Nervous System

This supplement also supports a healthy nervous system and protects it against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are imbalanced molecules that steal electrons from healthy cells and damage them. These are attracted towards high glucose concentration areas. Once this supplement binds with the glucose molecules, it also stabilizes the free radicals and makes them inert. Hence, they become and unreactive and cannot damage healthy cells.

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Pricing and Availability

GlucoDefend is available for purchase online at Integrated Health’s official website. While one month’s supply that is one bottle with 60 capsules is priced at $69, if you order right away you will also receive a 30 day liver detox protocol, free shipping and a diabetes guidebook, saving you over $30. With a 180 days money back guarantee, feel free to choose from discounted bundles of three to six months’ supply as well.



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